Responding to a few things Skip King wrote (very well, I might add):

"And the interesting thing is that the old enviro mantra 'think
globally, act locally' is, in fact, very much part and parcel of modern
ski area operations."


This dovetails very nicely with another couple of tried and true
political axioms, "All politics is local", and "NIMBY".  It should be a
lot easier to get all worked up about the expansion of a ski resort if
you live next door to it.  However, I would sure be interested to see if
the majority of the opposition to any particular given ski resort
expansion comes from locals who have to suffer (pro and con) with the
consequences, or if it comes from the "enviro-mercenaries" flown in for
the ceremonial opposition media publicity and photo ops.


"But curiously, a number of environmentally proactive things ski
areas have attempted to do have been stopped or delayed at great
expense by -- of all people -- environmental groups exploiting the
very laws they claim to support!"


Right on. We deal with this all the time in agriculture.  Do you folks
have any idea how many older chemical herbicides are still being used
every year even though newer, far safer ones have been developed?.  As a
result of the myriad of red tape and "testing for the sake of testing"
any new chemical must go through, it can make for years of delay.  Delay
of genetically modified foods can correspondingly delay the launch of
new crops which don't even need to be sprayed.

It's even worse for Canadians.  We sometimes never get to use these new
safer sprays because Canadian environmental law dictates that we must
repeat the US testing process in its entirty.  Because we have a small
market up here for some crops, some of the chemical companies simply say
"what the hell is in it for us", and choose not to bother putting the
new chemical on the market.  Hence, we get stuck using and being exposed
to the older more harmful chemicals forever.

Leigh "John Deere Green" Daboll

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