Miguel said
>Skip is correct; they did do the best with what they had. IMHO, Racer's
Edge, the Cliff, K-27, and Eisenhower are great bump runs, Annapurna is
narrow, steep and bumpy and the best run on the mountain, Wayout is a great
rock 'n rollin' cruiser and Minya Konka ain't bad either. The land is in
the Catskill Park and if they could use the bowl on skiers' right AND keep
it natural, the place would be awesome. It's my neighborhood ski area, has
a long season and the frequent skier card is the best deal around these
parts. What they really need most are some black and double black glades. <

I agree, I like Hunter's terrain, especially their bump runs.  I do a lot
of my Teaching with Teen Winter Sports there.  I even like having all those
New Yorkers there, after all it's in New York, it's part of the Huntah
experience.  What I find hard to take is going to British Columbia and
seeing 5 fat guys in Yankee hats in the lodge.  I think George Steinbrenner
hires them.  Funny how you don't see them in the chutes.

I once hit Hunter on a Tues. with 18" of new powder and nobody there.  It
was during a 2 week run of experiments at Brookhaven National Lab and they
shut down the light source for maintenance work.  I'd brought my skis for
just such a misfortune - it was good.

Re: the runs.  Cliff and especially Heuga are almost always good when the
wind has blown everything off Hellgate and they don't get 10% of the skier
traffic HG gets.  Crossover is another great bump run.  K-27 from the two
high gates is about as big a challenge as you can find riding lifts
(without climbing) in the east.

Re: the potential for glades, I'll bet there are locals who do the stuff
off the ridge out beyond Annapurna and in that big natural bowl.  If so,
they ain't talkin'.  I'd try it myself but I am never there except on a TWS
trip.  I can just see myself getting on the radio and telling Big Don to
have the bus come pick me up on some dirt road 5 miles from the base.
Trust me, it would not be pretty.


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