Today was a day for Stihl and Husqvarna, not Volkl and Tua.  We cut up
trees that had fallen onto the West Slope and in the Black and Blue Glade.
We also released the tension from our rope tows for the summer and mowed
the grass around the lodge.  Throughout the day the clouds hung low.  Rain,
mist, and fog rolled in and out of Goodell Hollow.  Ski trails, ideally
covered with snow in January, February, and March, now are covered with
lush green ferns and wild flowers.  I walked down KD-53, one of my favorite
downhill runs.  It seemed much steeper covered with ferns than with snow.

After our labors we held our annual meeting to consider matters of great
importance, including the election of new officers.

Jeff Strait
Past President
Mount Greylock Ski Club

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