Just cruising through the FT updates and stumbled upon the following:

"This summerís big project at Killington is the construction of a new
pipeline that will provide access to water for snowmaking. This project will
enable the resort to increase its snowmaking power by 30%."

"The increase in available water will combine with last seasonís addition of
300 new tower-mount snowguns. Tower-mount snowguns use less air than land
snowguns in the snowmaking process, and are therefore more efficient. The
combination of the new tower-mount snowguns and an increase in available
water will help Killington to produce a 30% greater volume of snow overall
than in previous seasons."

This place needs more manmade snow like Eskimos need refrigerators.

I wonder if they could pile it deep enough to go a whole continuous year?
I also wonder what the impact will be on the cost of a day ticket?

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