Whoa, hold on here, Killington was still "open" on Monday?!?

I "skied" there Sunday, mainly because I was having some work done on a new
pair of randonee/alpine touring boots at a ski shop near Killington, and
figured that while I was there I might as well test out their skiing and
hiking abilities.

Suffice it to say that I tested their hiking ability thoroughly, but not
much of their skiing.  By Sunday afternoon, each "run" consisted of:

- Unload with skis in hand, and tromp around the lift about 20 feet on the
- Hike down about 20 feet of an expert-pitch rocky face.
- Ski the remainder of the upper headwall, and a little bit of the
intermediate pitch after the first catwalk.
- Hike down the entire intermediate pitch of the middle of Superstar,
interrupted only *very* briefly by a small section of snow.
- Ski the lower headwall.
- Walk along the flats to the lift.

Just hiking up the lower headwall probably would have produced more skiing
than riding the lift.  (Yes, Marc's picture from Saturday actually looks
*good* by comparison with Sunday!)

Since I was up there mainly for other purposes, and since I welcomed the
opportunity for some down-hiking, I didn't mind the ridiculous conditions
all that much, but the rapid deterioration must have made Monday beyond
parody.  (By contrast, Tucks on Monday was holding up surprisingly well,
basically the same as the previous weekend.)  The bottomline is how
worthless Killington's reports are, since their Sunday morning recording
stated "with walking required," whereas a more accurate description would
have been "lift-served down-hiking with some skiing available."

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