James Michael Kusack wrote:

I am not encouraged.  It's hard to imagine an endless parade of
ego-involved millionaires willing to dump big bucks into the Burke Black
Hole (aka Northern Star).


I too am saddened.  First Big Tupper and now Burke.  Visited both.
Really, really liked both.  Would really like to dream about buying one
of them some day (particularly Big Tupper)......  However, back to

Its interesting to see the parallels between the two areas.  Both are
great mountains full of character and rustic charm with lots of terrain
variety and great prices.  However, it seems that for any area beneath a
certain magical "destination magnet" threshhold size, the common thread
of woe for both areas is "location, location, location.

In other words, unless you can draw non-local skiers as a true
destination or weekend resort, you are fighting a never-ending uphill
battle for survival, even notwithstanding you may have the braoder
region's "best" mountain if the resticted local area you must depend on
for ticket sales is poor or low in population.  This is especially true
if you lack the national/internatonal cachet or budget to market beyond


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