>         This photo does not inspire confidence for June 1.
> Geoff, do you know
> what the Flagship of The Evil Empire of McSkiing is doing to ensure skiing
> on June 1 ?

They didn't bother.  Yesterday was their last day, per the following press

Killington Skiers and Snowboarders In Denial
As the Season Concludes

Killington, VT (May 30, 2000)—The Superstar Quad Chairlift finally came to a
halt at 4:00 PM on May 29, 2000, and Killington reluctantly closed for the
1999-2000 winter season.

“We didn’t want to do it, but at this point we have no choice,” said
Killington President Allen Wilson as the last patch of snow on Superstar
quietly expired. “We had a great Memorial Day Weekend, and the season ended
on an up note.”

Despite a slow start to the season, Killington skiers and riders made turns
for a grand total of 205 days, enjoying the longest ski and snowboard season
in the east. Skiing and snowboarding from October until June is a
time-honored Killington tradition. The resort is usually the first in the
east to open and the last to close.

“We have skied through Memorial Day, or longer for the past 40 consecutive
seasons,” said Wilson. “Next year, with the snowmaking expansion we have
planned, the season may even be longer.”

Killington has recently embarked on a project to expand its snowmaking
capacity by 30%, ensuring reliable snow all season long.

“We feel that with the 30% increase in snowmaking capacity, Killington
skiers and riders will be able to confidently plan their winter vacations
ahead of time,” continued Wilson.

Some Killington Skiers and snowboarders were less than willing to let go of
the last patches of snow on the Superstar Trail.

“No!” Shouted Killington local Mark English clutching his skis, “I must have
another run!” English was taken to the golf course and promptly enrolled in
the Mountain Golf School to keep his mind off the melted snow.

“That was another wonderful season,” said Rick Torrey, Killington business
owner. “Boy did we have some fun!”

Killington local Brad Leabourne offered, “It was great while it lasted, but
I guess it’s time to turn to other diversions such as mountain biking and
hiking until the snow flies again next fall.”

And, it won’t be too long before that happens, winters at Killington are
never too far away.

Marc Guido
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