I am testing the idea of building a collection of short video files created
with Lotus Screencam and distributed via the WWWW. I need your input for
the following:

What questions/issues would you find most valuable to have illustrated this
way? Remember that this is not a feature length film but rather a few
minutes of full screen video with dialog ...well monolog really ;-) ...
that will demonstrate a specific area of Lotus Approach that you might need
to learn or review.

Try out the process using the sample file. You will need to download the
Screencam player and then when you click on the sample file you will need
to tell where this player is and open it. You should need to  do this only

If you have problems let me know and we can work out some instructions for
the WWW site  that will work for people.

Give it a go if you are interested and keep me informed. Perhaps this might
be a cool way to provide documentation for other applications as well.

Here is the URL

Have a nice warm weekend.

Doug Varney

University of Vermont
Client Services -CIT