My last day of skiing for this ski season was on 5/20. I did
not run into Gary that day. You had to walk off the lift to the snow
that started about 5 feet down the Superstar Headwall. You could then ski
big soft moguls to the bottom. You could ski right to the lift where
you took off your ski's for the ride up.

I'm glad I did not head up to Killington for 5/28 or 5/29. It looks like
5/27 might have been fun for a few runs.

Matt, good luck with your surgery this month.

My daughter had a foam bed roll for camping that I cut up and duct taped
together to make a wedged shaped foam pad that goes between my upper
and lower leg when I kneel down on my Kneeboard. I can strap in tight
to the Kneeboard, but my knees are not fully bent because of the wedge
shaped foam pads. I need to fine tune these pads, but I think I'll
be able to Kneeboard without pain and still do all of my crazy tricks
(and try new ones). I'm about 60% sure I am going to have the knee scoped
next October, but what happens over the rest of the summer will affect
the final decision.

I had a nice Kneeboard run before work this morning. Have a great summer

My relatives in Vermont liked the pictures that Jspin took. Great job
with the photos!

    Dave Barcomb

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