To All

>One of our faculty members has been asked to help develop a "code of
>conduct" for a cancer research organization.  This code should be similar
>to those held by other such organizations--and should address "hot issues"
>such as gene therapy and possible conflicts of interest between drug
>companies and researchers.  For guidance, she  would like to see codes or
>policy statements from these other organizations.  I have been able to
>locate a few dibs and drabs on the Web--but nothing substansive.  I have a
>feeling that relevant documents might tend to be in the "members only"
>sections of organization's pages.  Does anyone have any suggestions--or
>should I advise her to contact likely organizations directly?

Thank you for any help that you can give me.

Gail Isenberg
Greenhill Library
Dept. OB/GYN
University of Chicago Hospitals
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>>Gail - I have been asked by the American Association for Cancer Research
>>(AACR) to help develop a "code of conduct" similar to what other
>>organizations already have, and identify "hot issues" that similar
>>organizations address, or need to address, in this regard. I assume there
>>are policy statements from various cancer organizations that would be
>>helpful. One hot issue is of course gene therapy; another is conflict of
>>interest between researchers and drug companies. I'm not sure how to get
>>hold of relevant documents, and would really appreciate your helping me to
>>do this.
>>Thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!