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With all this talk of colors I thought
I would relate a story:

When I worked in my first full time
library position at the Jewish
Theological Seminary, as a library
clerk, we always had this conversation.
 I put together the reserve list for
the courses, and would keep all the
reserve books behind the circulation
desk.  The students would ask for a
title and we would lend it to them.
However the students would often ask by
color - "I need the red book on Jewish
Philosophy."  I had memorized call
numbers, but colors - well I started to
memorize them too!  We all joked that
the catalogers should include a line on
the card (old tech days) for color!
Hey, they list the height of the book!

I still today wonder if I should
include on my small opac, for my law
firm, the color - because I still get
"I need the red book on Internal
Medicine" (ok so what if Harrison's has
not been red for a number of

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