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You/subscribers to list can download our Free Demo and White Paper, 'Survey
Principles an Overview.' (Use Code/Id 166) @ <> The
survey/assessment software eListen is full featured for conducting professional
real time analysis surveys via Email/web/disk/paper/scan. The software also has
specific modules / (questionnaires for unbiased surveys) / templates for
surveying/polling. (i.e. Patient/Provider/Employee/Volunteer Satisfaction, and
more with anonymity options.You can use accompanying templates or customize
libraries of questions / questionnaires. You can do unlimited surveys. Survey
results are automatically compiled / collated (Access Compatibility) and you can
select from a multitude of charts/graphs/management customizable reports for
comparisons/trends/benchmarking analysis-see demo.

*We have also compiled a brief management overview cost analysis of electronic
surveys vs paper. To obtain a Free Email copy (2 Pages)
mailto:[log in to unmask] with subject line "survey costs" without quotes.
Please feel free to c/c-extend this email to your staff/depts.

At 01:58 PM 6/20/00 -0500, Laurie Cole wrote:

I am wondering if anyone knows of software etc. that a hospital can use to
process patient satisfaction surveys results. We currently send our surveys
to VHA to compile results and benchmark against other VHA hospitals. If
anyone knows of alternatives to this process and incorporating results into
improved customer service, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.
Laurie Cole
Ridgeview Medical Center
500 South Maple Street
Waconia, MN 55387
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