Ok folks,  I have another tough one.  It is indexed in Medline, but no one owns it according to Serhold.  I tried Docline and NLM rejected it.  It is an on-line journal, but it looks like there arealso a CD and paper versons.  The doctor really wants it and faxed if possible.  We can pay $15.00 for a faxed article and I will put it on Docline if you give me your libid .  

The article is:

Unique Identifier
Buhler L.  Friedman T.  Iacomini J.  Cooper DK.
Transplantation Biology Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 02129, USA.
Xenotransplantation--state of the art--update 1999. [Review] [150 refs]
Frontiers in Bioscience.  4:D416-32, 1999 Apr 15.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Also if you have to sign an 
agreement not to Interlibrary-Loan it when you subscribe I would be interested in knowing.  Please contact me before sending or faxing.

Thank you

Rae Jesano
Medical Librarian
All Children's Hospital
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