> On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Tim Raymond wrote:
> >   Does anyone know if there is a University wide WINS server here at
> > UVM?
> Yes, and every Windows machine in subnets served by DHCP automatically
> gets configured to point to it.
> _However_, it's a Samba implimentation of WINS.  Since Microsoft is so
> "closed", Samba can't syncronize with NT WINS servers at this point in
> time.
> The IP address of the WINS server is going to change next week ...  But
> I'll just update DHCP, and everything should work fine (since no one
> really should have hardcoded it).
> Currently, it's
> Next week, it will be
> Why?

I wanted to hardcode our machines to point to a University wide WINS Server
so that I don't have to dedicate two machines to it anymore.  Also, there are
some people in COM that need a WINS server so they can see other workgroups.

> mga.

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