Hello everyone,

I'm writing to see if -

1) anyone is running pure IP on their Netware network (no IPX), and, if so,
are there any "gotchas"? (Will it work with Windows 3.1, and will it work
with the important applications, for instance?)
2) anyone is running Netware 5.1, and, if so, how is it working out? (I read
that Btrieve doesn't ship with 5.1 and our library circulation software,
Winnebago, uses Btrieve.)

It seems like running only a single protocol would reduce traffic and speed
up the network. I have to route between two networks (token ring and
ethernet), so it would be nice to only worry about routing IP.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Doug Reaves
Bellows Free Academy
Fairfax, Vermont