Bill - I appreciate the information and will use it as a tool to convince
school boards that they need to address this.  But as you know and I am sure
many others are aware, schools actually had two choices with the last few
years of grants.  Either purchase hardware or do not apply for the grant.
In the last round, the Fed's finally said 25% has to be spent on PD and that
is great as we do have all this equipment and it is now time to train
people.  But I do not believe that for one minute that OENSU, or any other
district in this state, was in a position to pass up the TLC Grants because
they did not have a solid PD plan in place.  I know that we were not.  It
seems that in both cases, the horse was before the cart.  The restrictions
of the grants a few years ago, and the government understanding the need for
PD around technology.  I guess I look at these articles and feel like our
hands are being slapped for taking advantage of the hardware grants and not
having a solid PD plan in place.  I have seen a number of these articles
lately and have had teachers say to me that we did it all wrong here in
OENSU - "We should have had the training first."  Well, first of all what
would you do the training on, and secondly, where would the money come from.
I think that it is now getting straightened out.  PD money is in many of the
schools budgets, and there are grants available for it.  But these articles
and presentations telling teachers that their districts are "out to lunch"
for purchasing hardware with grant money are out of touch with what is
actually happening or happened.  We got the message.

Jumped off my soap box - thanks for the info. - I will use it.

Rick Shover

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> Subject: FW: Annotated; Communications-related Headlines for 6/28/2000
> Hi all -
> An interesting new report has just been published by the CEO Forum. It
> clearly and strongly aligns with the directions you have all been taking
> relative to planning for your technology. In a nutshell it says " Its NOT
> the technology... its the LEARNING that we need to focus on!"
> There's a link in the message below.
> Hope this helps.....
> Bill Romond
> *********************************************************************
> Subject: FW: Annotated; Communications-related Headlines for 6/28/2000
> Issue: EdTech
> The CEO Forum has released a report that warns that the new computer
> hardware flooding into schools may go to waste unless educators
> take time to
> develop clear plans for how the technology will be put to work
> for students.
> "You have to set the educational goals first," said Anne Bryant,
> co-chair of
> the CEO Forum and executive director of the National School Boards
> Association. "I'm looking at the overall goals and objectives. It is a
> combination of content, training and connectivity." Internet-enabled
> computers should not be the goal, the report warns, educators should focus
> the
> use of technology on clear outcomes -- such as training students in the
> skills they need to compete in an information-based economy.
> "Technology is
> not a panacea and can only improve and increase learning when applied to
> meet specific educational goals and objectives," the report says. "Schools
> need to examine their educational goals and determine which ones will be
> supported by digital content." [Find the report, The Power of Digital
> Learning: Integrating Digital Content, at (]
> [SOURCE: CyberTimes, AUTHOR: Rebecca Weiner ([log in to unmask])]
> (