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>>>I will have a 36-48 hour turnaround time in
replying.  This may be a good thing as it will
hopefully give me enough time for thought so as to
avoid flippant and inappropriate responses.

and soon after he said;

>>Hm; makes me wonder if the "I'm a zit" scene in Animal House was
 plan B.

Hmmmmm indeed.


>Dave Donohue <[log in to unmask]>

gave much good information.  In all seriousness I had
giardia once 10 years ago.  It was not fun but not nearly as bad as the
original remarks would suggest either.  I was almost rid of the symptoms
in the 4 or 5 days it took to get to a Dr.  The treatment was an anti
protozoan drug.  The organism is a protozoan, which means it is bigger,
tougher and more complex than a bacterium.  It is really closer to an
animal.  The drug I took was the same one they gave to my father & other
US troops in New Guinea in WWII as a malaria preventative.  Malaria ia
also a protozoa borne disease.

I used to really enjoy just drinking the water in the streams of the
Shenandoah National Park when trout fishing.  I'd just scoop it up with a
Sierra cup and it was awfully good water.  At one time the streams in the
area were free of giardia but in the 70s it began to appear.  A ranger
me it was spread by people.  The explosion in outdoor recreation, still
going on today, led to it's being introduced by folks recently returned
from backcountry trips elsewhere.  Once the indigenous animals get it the
problem is permanent.  I really miss the taste of that water.  Now I use a
1 micron filter but other than that no further purification.  There is
probably some risk in this too but it does remove giardia and the taste of
the water is not too much affected.

Rangers at Pinkham Notch warn against drinking untreated water in the
Cutler river drainage and in Tuckerman Ravine because it is such a heavily
used area.  I do drink untreated water high up in the Gulf of Slides where
there are far fewer skiers.  I also do it above timberline in the west.
The higher you go the less likely you will encounter giardia.  All this is
just my habits and the risks I'm willing to take, not a recommendation.
There are no guarantees.

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