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|You've met Murray?  The man is a wizard.  In addition to being
|more knowledgeable about cold weather exposure than anyone
|else on the planet, he's also one of the most entertaning speakers
|I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. Listers, if you EVER have the
|opportunity to hear one of his presentations on
|hypothermia/frostbite, make whatever sacrifices are necessary to
|attend.  Not only will you learn tons, you'll piss your pants laughing.

You haven't lived until you've seen the slideshow and the accompanying

"Oh, that'll fall off in a few weeks."

"He was fine, but I'll tell ya, that hurt *big time*"

"What did he *think* would happen, leaving those boots on for 34 days

"He tried wearing boots one size too small, and now his foot is one
size smaller."

The story about the hypothermia-addled hiker searching for "the
perfect tree" is a classic, too.

Entertainment (and gross-out) value aside, his talks have some
excellent survival tips.  The MIT Outdoors Club brings him in every
year during Winter School to teach the new recruits.  It must work,
because everyone still has all of their toes.

|Most domestic mass-market reebs (non-lite varieties, although I
|hardly consider them as reeb) have about 110 calories from carbs.
|Suspect many  micros are much higher.

Some much higher, sadly!



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