Mark P. Renson wrote

I understand that Burlington VT received rain on 27 of 30 days during
the month of June and that St Johnsbury VT had its wettest Spring in
100+ years.  Other folks in the 'Dacks have remarked about how wet the
spring has been and I have never seen the North Country with such a rich
green color to it.


We've had a "record rainfall" spring season in Ontario as well.  I've
never seen the weather so wet, cold and just plain rotten (for spring,
that is).  We had 25 out of 30 days of rain in June.  The farm fields
are saturated, many acres of crops were not planted, and the makings of
a full blown farm disaster are now evident.  As a farmer, I've watched
the weather dutifully since 1981 (I can tell you off the top of my head
how much it rained locally in, say, 1989) and I often find that
trends/patterns like these usually seem to run in fairly long cycles (no
science involved, just anecdotal)- just like the last two full dry years
did.  So maybe we can look forward to a colder and wetter than normal
December this year. Anyway, that's my bet.


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