I would like input from any of you who currently or in the past have worked
in coporate/law libraries that require the librarian to bill their time to
various projects/clients.  If there is sufficient interest, I will summarize
for the list.  Please respond directly to me and feel free to forward this
brief survey on to other appropriate lists since I don't belong to any lists
for law librarians etc.

1.      What percent of your time is expected to be billable time?

2.      If you do not meet that percentage of billable time by providing
library services such as searches/interlibrary loans etc. for
projects/clients, are you expected to do other work to get the billable
hours?  _________Yes    _________No
        If yes, please give examples of the types of work.  (e.g. Index case
materials, prepare tables of date in Excel, etc.)

3.      Are you aware of any sources/recommendations about this topic?  (I
remember reading something in a book on fee-based library services that if I
remember correctly said that 35% billable time  was a reasonable amount so
that the librarian could take care of administrative duties)

Thanks in advance for your input.


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