"Klawansky, Susan" wrote:

> Hello - I've been asked to locate statistics for countries other than the US
> for the following two topics:
> How many children [ages 0 to 8 years old], as passengers, die in car
> accidents?
> How many children [same age as above] (or at what rate do children) use
> child safety restraints in automobiles?

Susan, for Canada, try the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control at Health
Canada.  They have a Child Injury Division and a database called CHIRPP.

I also do a lot of forensic work and, with automobile injury stuff, I usually
have really good luck with an engineering database called Compendex or EI
Compendex.  If you have access to it, you should try it.  There's also the
American Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine at (but their server seems to be acting up today).

Hope this helps.


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