I allow full access all of the time.  My predecessor locked the books up and
gave keys to the Chief Residents (this is how she got around the JCAHO) and
let them open the book shelves--that way they knew exactly who was getting
into what.  I stopped that and just left full access all the time.
Ironically, my problems have stopped.  I have had virtually no thefts.

One thing might be to take inventory every night and in the morning.  Can
the code lock identify who was in the library?  Our card swipe system can
identify individuals who came and went.  Maybe, at least, it could identify
what class of person was there--med student, resident, etc., and you could
use that information to begin your search.

Also, generally these are not thefts, they are "walk-offs," "Oh, I'll go
read this somewhere else."  You may need to go look in certain areas to see
if they are laying around.  I would speak to the person responsible for the
Residency program and to the Chief Residents, you may need to speak to
whomever is in charge of the med students too.  Tell them what is happening
and see if they can rough'em up a bit--yell at 'em or something.  Peer
pressure works pretty good.

Generally, if books disappear from the library for good, I re-order them.
Better to pay $100-$300 for a new book than to lock everyone away from the
information they need.

Thomas W. Hayes, MLS
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We have recently suffered a theft of a good portion of the most current
textbooks in the library.  The library patrons are mostly medical students
who do rotations here, and some Residents.  The patrons have access after
hours via a code lock on the door.  My boss wonders if this policy is wise,
and what other medical one person libraries policies are regarding access.
Finally how does one get around the JCAHA requirement for 24 hour access?


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