Hi All:  Hope someone out there with these journals will be willing to help/ These cites came from a web site, and there are NO pages listed.  

2 from Performance Improvement Quarterly 1998 Volume 11 (1)

Dixon: Action Learning:              and

Yorks, L et al   Transfer of Learning Fomr ac Action Reflection Learning

2 From Employee Counseling Today:

Bourner:  Experiencing Action Learning   1996  Volume 8 (6)

Bowerman J. Design and Evaluation of an Action Learning Program  1999
       Volume 11 (4)

and 1 more...

Wills C. Measuring the ROI from Management Action Learning 
Management Development Review 1996;  Volume 9 (1)

I'll be happy to pay and to send proper ILL requests if someone can just give me page numbers.  

Yet another reason for Librarians to start indexing the Net...proper citations!

Thanks for your help.

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