We're thinking of adding a color photocopy machine in our library, and we're wondering what experiences others have had.

We now have free self-service copying, and the library staff copies for staff attending physicians from our collection, also without charge.

We would need to charge for color copies; we would put the color copier in the library staff area, and would have the library staff do the color copying (with or without the patron present).  Because we'd have the only convenient color copier on campus, I'm sure we'd get plenty of "walk-in" usage for all sorts of purposes, in addition to the copying from library materials.

Any advice on price? Differential pricing by purpose? Differential pricing, cash vs administrative chargeback? Advice on procedures? (e.g. limited hours of availability because library staff have to do the copying,? or not promising walk-in-right-now service? supplying color copies of color pictures/illustrations, either for on-campus photocopy service or for ILLs?)

What else am I overlooking? 

Thanks -- Gretchen
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