Hi All,

I sent this out to all of you a couple weeks ago, but have had no response.
 Is anyone interested and if so, how many would you like to purchase.

  For those of you who did not cut out a portion of your vital
records and send it to the Health Department, I have found a source who is
willing to make a special mylar pocket to place your original marriage
document in that will have an opaque section to cover up the confidential
portion of the document.  These pockets will open on the inside edge only
so that your document will be protected.  These are archival quality.

The marriages documents are from 1968 through 1979.  If you are interested
please let me know.  The quantity to be ordered will designate the cost to
each of us.  They come 50 in a package and you can get 2 in each pocket.
These fit very nicely in loose-leaf binders which are easy to remove and
copy.  You can copy through the pocket without have to touch the original
document again.  This will help to preserve the record.

The cost would be around $45 per package to purchase.  If enough,this could
be less.

Town of Guilford