The e-mail sent to the muninet group subject Re:Congratulations contains the
virus work Wscript.KakWorm.

If you use Norton anti-virus the following instructions will enable you to
remove this
worm and to also delete the windows file that lets the worm infect your
Let me know if you need help.

BTW, I also congratulate the city clerks- especially Ann Slattery, our own
in South Burlington.

Chuck Hafter

Instructions for Norton Anti-virus only.
Removing Wscript.KakWorm

1. The Wscript.KakWorm removal tool is now available
Internet worms in general, have a high potential for spreading to
other computers. Wscript.KakWorm spreads using Microsoft Outlook
Express by attaching itself to all outgoing messages via the Signature
feature of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer email reader. This
worm utilizes a known Microsoft Outlook Express security hole so that
a viral file is created on the system without having to run any
attachment. Simply reading the received email message will cause the
virus to be placed on the system.
The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) has released a tool,
designed to remove the Wscript.KakWorm from your computer. To use the
removal tool, download and run the file fixkak.exe. To download this
file, point your web browser to:

2. How to disable or remove the Windows Scripting Host
VBScript is a scripting language that allows developers to create a
list of commands that can be executed without user interaction. As
with any scripting language, it is frequently used to automate
actions. Unfortunately, virus writers can also take advantage of its
capabilities to infect computers and cause extensive damage.
One preventative measure that you can take to protect yourself from
viruses that come as .vbs attachments is to disable or uninstall the
Windows Scripting Host. Because Windows Script Hosting is an optional
part of Windows, it can be safely removed from your computer. This
feature can easily be reinstalled if it is needed in the future.
Remember that there are many other viruses that do not use the Windows
Scripting Host, so it is critical that you continue to use Norton
AntiVirus protection with the most up-to-date virus definitions.
To disable the Windows Scripting Host, point your web browser to:
Now download and run the file noscript.exe.

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