At 08:12 AM 8/31/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Judy,
>Does this mean we are to become employees of the tax department? It used to
>be the clerk's job was to make sure a PTR was filed and the tax dept.'s job
>to make sure it was correct.  What liabilities are we as clerks assuming?  I
>think there needs to be some discussion prior to our accepting this
>>My reason for testing was due to my inability to send anything to this
>>venue!!  Mr. Brownell was kind enough to explain how to accomplish this
>>(once again!) and here I am, trying to recreate my thoughts of 2 days ago
>>when I originally had them!!!
>>They had to do with PTR's.  Since we are in the early stages of the switch
>>to new ones, I wondered 2 things:  1) Would Mr. Merrimam, or someone from VT
>>Dept of Taxes, be willing to describe for us, as clerks, in writing, what a
>>"complete" PTR is, i.e., what is the Dept of Taxes going to accept/what
>>would prompt them to return one to us and 2) if now might be a real good
>>time to send letters/put up notices in your offices to let attorneys know
>>that we will no longer be accepting incomplete ones and that the whole
>>packet will be sent back, UNRECORDED, if it isn't complete.
>>Unless I have completely lost my mind,  I seem to remember the VT Dept of
>>Taxes saying that they were going to be more particular about the
>>completeness of the PTR's we send along to them once the new forms came out.
>>With the new information requested, it sure would be helpful if the Dept
>>could help us.
>>Any other thoughts?

I, as TC totally agree!!  I don't think that a Clerks responsibility

should include proofreading PTR's or deeds or any filed papers.

The person requesting the filing should make sure all is in order before

it is made a public record by the TC!!   J Kilbride  TC Searsburg