In Colchester we have outgrown our polling place, the Colchester Meeting
House, in District 1-1. In order to accomodate the numbers for the
Presidential Election I have worked out a plan with the church that is
adjacent to our Meeting House place to use the parish hall which is much
larger and has adequate parking for the primary and general election.

Yesterday I received a call from the Secretary of State's office. They
received a complaint that we are using a church. I was told that the
primary could still be held in the hall, as it has already been warned, but
that I would have to move the November election to a diffierent site. Our
only other option, the local school, is in session and is not available.

My question is  "Are there other communities out there that vote in
buildings that are not owned by the municipality?"

17 V.S.A. Sec. 2502(a)  states "Each polling place shall be located in a
public place within the town."

The church parish hall noted above hosts weekly AA meetings, the Girl and
Boy Scouts and other nonsectarian groups. I feel it meets the criteria of a
public place, but am looking for other opinions. My main concern is
providing an adequate, safe place that can accomodate the numbers we will
see in November, but want to do the right thing.

                                                                        Karen Richard