Hi All,

Your friendly Muninet Listserv Administrator here.

First, just wanted to congratulate you all again on continuing to
participate in this list and making it a success (there are 120
subscribers).  The more you all use it, and the more people we get to
join, the more fun and helpful it will be.

I'm always nervous when anyone makes changes to any software but thought I
should pass on that we just changed the "MuniNet" system to only accept
postings from the people who are subscribers to this list.  Probably most
folks wouldn't have known but up until now, anyone could have sent EMail
to this list whether or not they were subscribed.  In another list
recently, someone found out the name of the list and started to send
unsolicited advertisements.  Just thought we should change that before it
happens to us.

Also a reminder, you (or ANYONE for that matter) can review any of the
past postings in the archives by looking at the web site:

It's fun to note that the first postings to this list were in August
1998 !!

As a refresher, I have included below the instructions on how to get on
(and off) the list.  If you wanted to pass it along to anyone else who
might want to join that would be great.

Hope you are having a great summer.


Peter Brownell                              EMail: [log in to unmask]
University of Vermont                       Phone: 802-656-5711
Department of Continuing Education          FAX  : 802-656-3891
425 S Park Drive, Colchester VT 05446       WEB  :

Internet Listserve Discussion Group

A Listserve is an easy way to communicate and carry on discussions with
the other members of the discussion group.  It does not cost anything and
you don't need any special software (you just use your own Email account).
You send EMail messages to [log in to unmask] and the system will
automatically send a copy to everyone on the discussion list.

 *** To get your name added to the muninet list ***

Send a one line EMail message to [log in to unmask] (leave the Subject
BLANK) .  The message is

 "subscribe muninet FirstName LastName "


     To: [log in to unmask]
     subscribe muninet Joan Smith

*** To send a message to the people on the list ***

Note the Email address you use to send messages to the people on the list
is NOT the same as the Email address you use get on (and off) the list!!

Send EMail to [log in to unmask] (You can, and should, include a


   To: [log in to unmask]
   Subject: New Procedure
   I just read an article about a new policy that you all might be
       interested in.  It was in the August issue of ....

*** To get off the list ***

Note: This is really important!  You may get tired of getting lots of
Email or want to stop getting the messages while you are on vacation.  You
can always subscribe again.  Keep a copy of these instructions so you
remember how to get off the list.

Send a one line EMail message to [log in to unmask] (leave the Subject
line BLANK) .  The message is

"signoff muninet"


     To: [log in to unmask]
     signoff muninet

You will receive a message from the system asking you to confirm that you
want to be deleted from the list.

Good luck and have a great discussion.