This is a project update....

Many of you know about the 'Connectivity Project' which was funded in
1996-1998 to assist town officers (with a focus on town office staff -
clerks/treasurers) in the Northeast Kingdom and central region of the
state in connecting to the Internet, and using it effectively for local
government business.

The good news is that the Town Officer Connectivity project has been
newly funded by the USDA to provide outreach to the parts of the state
not served by the first funding round.   This means the counties of
Franklin, Grand Isle, Chittenden, Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Windham,
and Windsor counties.

I'm the project coordinator, and will be assisting Grand Isle, Franklin,
and some of Chittenden towns. David Deutl is still with the project, and
will be supporting the project at meetings and with some town-level
support, so for those of you that have worked with him, you will see him

We have been busy getting prepared to start the next year.  Project
database, new website  (, developing protocols,
and starting the hiring process for two 75% staff members to serve the
southern part of the state.  We hope to have new staff on board by the
end of September.

We are looking forward to identifying your needs related to the
Internet, networking, and computing support, and to being in contact
with the clerks from each town in the project region in the next
months.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance.

Please feel free to contact me or David Deutl ([log in to unmask]) for
additional information.

Craig Donnan                        'be source, not result'
                                                     - Rumi

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