Good thought, Shelby.  Mary Jane Grace collared me today with the same
thought -- she also informed me that the VBA's web page mentions the new
forms but doesn't forewarn attorneys that the old ones will eventually be
unacceptable.  She thought it would be a good idea to call the VBA and tell
them of our policy.

I called the VBA and told them that we are telling town clerks not to accept
old forms after 9/29/00.  I hope the VBA will put that on their website, but
that may be a bigger task than I know.

Charles Merriman

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> Has the Vermont Bar Association been given information on the new PTR's
> asked to inform their members about changes and dates?  This would
> certainly eliminate a lot of confusion, if they are informed and will
> cooperate in getting this information out to all of the attorneys .  Will
> the town clerks be receiving new forms and booklets to have in their
> office?  The one that I have is dated 1993.
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