East Haven Town Clerk Franklin Higgins asked the following question:

"Just read  your message on e-mail list  that we should not accept old PTR's
after Sept. 30th.  Is there a date or number on the form that we should be
using to make a judgement on whether to accept or not???  How do we know the

Good question.  As per Mr. Higgins' and my telephone conversation, I'm
posting this to the Muni Listserve and the Compserve for the benefit of all.

In most cases, you should not accept an old PTR if the envelop in which it
is mailed is post-marked Monday, October 2, 2000 or later.  Similarly, in
most cases you should not accept an old PTR if it is hand-delivered to you
on or after October 2, 2000.

There are exceptions to this rule.  To take an extreme, imagine a buyer and
seller concluded a transaction back in 1993 and completed the PTR at that
time, but the buyer decided not to record the deed until now.  Should you
accept the old PTR? Yes. Will the Tax Department accept that form as well?

Why should we make an exception for previously completed transactions?
Because requiring the buyers and sellers to come together to re-do a form
that did not exist at the time of closing is not reasonable.  (On the other
hand, it is reasonable to require that current buyers and sellers use the
new form now that it is available).

There may be other situations where an old PTR should be accepted that I
can't think of right now.  Therefore, if you run into a situation that you
think may constitute an exception to the general rule stated in paragraph
one above, give PVR a call and discuss it with them.  We'll work with you to
make this transition relatively painless for all involved.

Charles L. Merriman, PVR Attorney

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