Hi Here in Fair Haven the generous Town Clerk shared her computer budget
with the admin.assit of the Town Garage and told him if he could buy 2
(excellent)  computers for the money in the budget he could have one.
It worked  we both have pentium 3 with everything we need to go with it.

PS. Thanks to all the treasurers who answered my question Re: 2
signatures on checks.


Victoria Young wrote:

>  Hi All from Bridgewater,We have a question for all of you out
> there......We would like to know how many Towns have a computerized
> Highway department. Do you have computers, printer, scanner, Zip
> Drives and a digital camera? I mean only for the Highway department at
> the Town Garage and also, is this something that the State has
> suggested that Town's do?Thanks for any input. Vicky @ Bridgewater