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Good information below regarding the "Internet Science and Technology Fair".

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News Release:  Through October 2000, student teams from across the nation
and a few English speaking countries, will have an opportunity to submit
Concept Papers to participate in the 2000/2001 Internet Science and
Technology Fair (ISTF) challenge.  They will work with technical advisors
on-line from corporations, federal laboratories and academic research
centers, as they apply technical applications to real world problems.
Throughout the process, they adhere to content standards based on national
science and technology standards from the AAAS.

The ISTF is a research-intensive effort involving only the Internet and
e-mail and culminates with the development of a detailed homepage that
highlights the scientific and economic aspects of a specific technical
application.  Elementary, middle and high school student teams may
participate in coordination with a science teacher or technology/computer
teacher.  The program runs from October through February, when the Project
Homepages are due.  They are then judged on-line by a national panel of
scientists, engineers and teachers.  The top awards include certificates
from the National Medal of Technology Program.  Additional particulars are
available at our ISTF website at <>

This past April, five student teams received our highest national honors in
the 3rd Annual "Internet Science and Technology Fair" (ISTF).  One
elementary, one middle school and three high schools received "Certificates
of Meritorious Achievement" from the National Medal of Technology Program at
the US Department of Commerce.   12 other teams received "Certificates of
Honorable Mention" from the University of Central Florida's College of
Engineering, host for the ISTF.   Each team's project can be viewed at the
ISTF website at
<> .

Corporations and state/federal agencies are encouraged to contact our office
about "organizational sponsored projects" that student teams could use
related to your agency/company's mission/services.

Please advise our office at [log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>  concerning your possible interest and/or
involvement. We encourage teachers to help us apply the no-cost, plug and
play, 21st century virtual science fair in traditional (classroom curricula)
and non-traditional (after school programs, science centers and home school)

Thank you!

Bruce Furino
Director of Special Programs
College of Engineering
University of Central Florida
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