Hi all -

I have an announcement on behalf of the VITA-Learn Board of Directors.

Some of you may have heard that Susan Johnson, who served as Executive
Director from May 1999 through July 2000 has decided to return to the
classroom as a teacher in the Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. We're
so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Susan as she represented
our organization in a tremendous year of growth. We're very happy for Susan
becase she has wanted to get closer to "the action"  - where kids are! At
the same time, we regret losing such an energetic, determined, ethical, and
insightful leader for VITA-Learn.

The Board of Directors has taken action regarding continued leadership for
the organization following a recommendation we presented to them at the
annual Board Retreat on July 26. The Board was unanimous in its support.

We are pleased to announce that VITA-Learn has expanded the role and
responsibilities of Tamera Pariseau. Tamera will become (as of Aug. 1)
VITA-Learn's Associate Director serving in a full-time capacity. Tamera will
be responsible for all internal operations of the organization, conference
planning, and all administrative and financial functions. Those of you who
have worked with Tamera over the past year know how fortunate we are to have
someone with her financial experience, attention to detail, and
professionalism working with us. Tamera is available at
[log in to unmask] or (802) 828-0074.

In addition, we have hired Frank Watson as VITA-Learn's new Executive
Director! Of course virtually everyone connected with Vermont's Information
Technology initiatives knows Frank from his many successes at VISMT and the
University of Vermont. Frank will work to move the organization in a variety
of areas with emphasis on expanding collaborations and improving
Professional Development opportunities to increase our focus on technology
integration. As with Tamera, we feel fortunate to have someone of Frank's
stature taking on the public leadership role for VITA-Learn. Frank's
national experience will bring insights to our work that will help the
organization immensely. Frank can be reached at [log in to unmask] or (802)

We envision this upcoming year as a critical one for VITA-Learn. We feel the
organization can have a huge and positive impact on the quality and quantity
of professional development occurring in Vermont and the Board feels we have
the leadership in place to do so.

As always, your thoughts and comments regarding VITA-Learn and our work are

Bill Romond, President