Gotta second this one, I was doing good work with good correlation long
before color was even available.

Terry J Zwakenberg
Program Director
Providence Heart Institute
School of Cardiovascular Diagnostics
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        Dear Diana:

        Ouch!  Please don't vilify the UM4 in a case where the technologist
        tell the ECA from the ICA or an occlusion from a patent artery.  The
UM4 has
        a perfectly good Doppler, one only needs to TURN IT ON.  And of
course, one
        must have the knowledge to recognize pathology and anatomy.  I'd
rather check
        my 88 year old dad's neck with a pocket Sonicaid Doppler than have
        inexperienced or inadequately trained operator use the best color
        money can buy to examine him.

        And since you've traveled extensively, I'm sure upon rethinking
this, you
        realize that there are many places in the world where color Doppler
is still
        an unobtainable dream, and yet accurate studies are being performed
in the
        hands of excellent investigators.  Leave us not descend into
elitism, nor
        forget that many of us were performing serviceable studies before
the advent
        of color.

        That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it, (apologies to Dennis

        Polly DeCann Wilson, RVT