Bill Johnson, Dunmore, PA


I am not sure what you mean by "all these things"?  QA, correlations... yes.
Vascular Labs have a benchmark.  ICAVL Accreditation is that benchmark.
There is no accreditation process for screening companies.  I believe the
burden is on them to demonstrate the quality and accuracy of their service.

My lab does not presently survey patient satisfaction (although the patient
is not our only customer).  The lab I worked at previously, did, and I think
this is a good practice, as it can identify ways to better serve our
patients.  I asked this question, because I want a better idea of what
"strict QA" practices meant.

I know the subject of screening has been discussed extensively on the
Flownet.  But I welcome Dinah's viewpoint.

Peace and understanding.

Dinah stated "This is an extremely valuable service that is here to stay."
It is not up to us to decide, regardless of how we feel about the practice.
But we will, inevitably be seeing patients referred on the basis of on of a
screening study.  I would like to know more about the reliability.