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<< Next to our CPA machine, we find a way to adapt the automajik BP machines
 have four cuffs and perform ABIs to screen for PVD.  Maybe charge a buck and
 a half for this one.  Get a drug sponsor?  Positive studies dispense a free
 sample of _____ aspirin (brand name deleted) and a card telling you how to
 make an appointment with your local cardiologist group, (positive ABI's are a
 significant marker for cardiac disease, you know) as well as your local
 vascular lab (with the appropriate referral, of course.  We would also pick
 up possible subclavian steals. >>

Would this machine drop the aspirin in my mouth?  With a spray of water to
wash it down?

This reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's movie "Modern Times" which made me howl
so much that I saw it several times when it was re-released several years