I've been handed another assignment that I surely could use your help on.  I
have been tentatively asked if I will approve all purchases of books and
journals for our health system (6000 employees, 3 hospitals).  Total amount
spent last fiscal year -- about $245,000.

I have not been asked to do the purchasing, thank goodness.  The purchasing
department will continue to do that.  The electronic purchasing system will
be set so that whenever anyone enters an order using the account code for
books and journals the order will come to me first.  If I think it's a good
idea, I just give it a click and the order goes on to purchasing.  If I
don't think it's a good purchase, I email the requestor and explain why and
give them other options.

Is anyone doing this already?  If so, I would love to receive a copy of your
policies and/or procedures.  I think it will be imperative to have set
guidelines for disapproving purchases, lest I become known as the big

Please share any policies or wisdom or experience!  I am feeling a bit
overwhelmed by this, especially since my one and only assistant left and I
have no help right now in the library.

Beth Treaster, Librarian
Health Sciences Library
Saint Francis Hospital
6161 S Yale
Tulsa, OK  74136

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