Always Good To Remember Dept., Cathy, I agree. :)

My own personal $.02W:

I can see that humor comes off as a waste of time &
keystroke for some folks.  There's always the
difference of opinion between the just-hit-the-the-
delete-key- & the I-shouldn't-have-to-waste-my-time-
schools of thought.  Some folks feel it takes too
much of their time to hit the del key for humor
messages.  Personally I find that I spend a lot more
time hitting delete for messages that *are* strictly
within the scope of the list but are of no use to
me, than I do deleting the few humor messages that
come across.

In the course of an average week I estimate I delete
at least 50-60 messages just on this list alone that
are strictly business but have no applicability to me
personally.  Weigh that against possibly two or (at
the very *most* three) humor messages a MONTH & the
cost:benefit picture becomes pretty clear. :)

Bill @ Eglin (Hey, Valerie! Tpppffft!!! hehehe)
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I agree.  Can we make a change, and ask that anyone who sends something
humorous be sure to include humor in the subject line?  Then people who
don't want to can delete.  We have had humor in the past.  I was guilty of