Kathleen and MEDLIB-ers,

Regarding CancerLit: it may not be widely known that in 1997, when the NCI
took responsibility for CancerLit, meeting abstracts ceased to be included in
the database. One can still find articles that report or discuss what happened
at various congresses, but actual meeting abstracts do not appear from 1998,
1999, or 2000. 

To find those you must either have obtained the abstracts from the meeting
itself, locate them on the association's website (for those assns. that mount
them on websites), or find them in the supplement of the appropriate journal
(when the assn. has made that kind of arrangement with a journal.)

Fortunately, AACR and ASCO have theirs on websites, and ASH prints theirs in
Blood. For many of the others, you need Lady Luck on your side. We also
sometimes get good results from Biological Abstracts/RRM (Reviews, Reports,
and Meetings). 

Good luck to all!

Olia Holowka Palmer
Research Medical Library
UT. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas
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Kathleen Puglia <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Last week someone sent a request to the list asking help in finding an
> abstract from the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical
> Oncology.  Many meeting abstracts in the cancer subject area can be
> found in Cancerlit.  It used to be part of the Medline system, but now
> is found through the National Cancer Institute.  The address for the
> advanced search form is:
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> Kathleen Puglia
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