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> It's about time to start getting in shape for skinning up mountains.  At
> this time of year I switch the long bike ride on Sat. or Sun. to a
> mountain hike.  Yesterday's walk in the woods was my third of this
>  Luckily the Shenandoah National Park is almost in my back yard.

        Luckily, the Presidentials are accessible to me;  I prefer the 'Dacks, but
... whatever.  Last weekend, I ascended the ridge via a new way - Air Line.
 Above tree line on the south rim of King Ravine, I was able to peer down
on obvious line (probably 30 degrees in steepness) ... well, has anyone had
any experience in the King Ravine ?
        Trudged through Thunderstorm Junction to Jefferson (note: the east-facing
Snowfields featured in Winston Pote's book "Winter on Mt Washington
1928-1940)" to the Sphinx Col (note: Jeremy Haas wrote an article in the
recent Climbing Mag about his brutal epic experience in Jan 1994).  Desc
ended via the wild, rough and seldom visited Sphinx Trail and bivied under
the stars in the Great Gulf - did some history reading and snapped some
photos, too.  Ascended Adams via the Buttress on Sunday and saw a new
aspect of Jefferson Ravine.  Got above tree line and got some unique views
of Madison with its reflection in Star Lake.  I also noticed the open 30
degree (estimate) face of Mt Adams.  It's on the lee side with as much as a
1,200 foot descent and an easy exit via the Buttress trail to Madison Hut
where you can also access the King Ravine.  Went back to the truck via
Valley Way.
        Anyway:  King Ravine, Jefferson Snowfields (well, I know about good skiing
there), Jefferson Ravine and that SE face of Adams - does anyone have any
info regarding these?

> Saw two bears in separate sightings, big ones by VA standards, about 3
> feet at the shoulder.  I suspect that both were solitary adult males.

        Best spot for bear watching that I've ever seen:  Wassataquoick (sp?)
Stream in Baxtah Pahk, ME.  I saw one cross the stream about 100 yards away
during a sunset that had to be well in excess of 400 pounds - crap, it was
hu-u-u-u-uge.  I've seen a cub near there and more scat than I've ever seen
anywhere else.  I've had 2 other bear sightings in BSP.


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