Jim Bauman [[log in to unmask]] writes:

>>I hated the SCX for myself- the old blue/white SCX-15 that I demoed at
>>Skip's Rio de Domingo, in '95-'96(?) but they put me on what I thought was
>>ridiculously short ski- I might have liked a 193 or so.  The same season I
>>climbed on a K2 Four with a much tamer sidecut, thought it had enough guts
>>and not too much sidecut, but it scared the bejeezuz out of me at 45mph-
>>hard to control at that speed!


>Wow.  I'm certain that either I've never gone 45mph on skis (fairly
>unlikely) or that I ski differently than you, Dana (likely).  You have
>a much more race-oriented background than I and are probably able to
>dial in quite a bit more edge angle. I have yet to find the upper speed
>limit on my original Fours.  The 183cm pair I have feel most at home at a
>decent edge angle on hardpack at brisk speeds.  They're versatile enough
>for just about any conditions, though at little more width underfoot would
>be appreciated in fluff and crud.

I believe the ones I demoed (at Loon) were 183s, might have been 188s. I'd
been goofing on them for a couple of runs, impressed that such a stubby ski
would cruise so well.  Trying to find it's speed limit laying down
pencil-thin super-G arcs I found it. They went from feeling pretty OK to
wild and out of control within a fairly narrow speed window.  At first I
thought it was just me, or that I'd hit something to lose the edge, so I
gingerly pushed it again on the next run with similar results. 45mph is
indeed fast- faster than most folks can generally do cruising hard on a
blue/black slope without being in a tuck or a speed suit.  The fact that I
was tuck-turning and was somewhat rear-weighted probably contributed to the

>As for the cricket bat SCX, the red top skin version from those early years
>('95-'97) is considerably stiffer than the blue ones, but is still a
>"consumer" ski.  At 163cm, my trusty pair is about as entertaining as a
>Cooper Mini S: great fun to throw through the turns, but take your time
>on the straightaways.

I just picked up a pair of 143s for (hopefully) one of my nieces.  Got a
rule of thumb for the lightest person that should be on that ski? (She's
pretty skinny- I'm guessing ~70-75 lbs.)


P.S. How's the babe?

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