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>She just turned three this month and I have been thinking of renting her a
set of
>skis for the coming season.  Even if we get just a few uses out of them I
>it will be worth it.  However, would it be preferable to buy her a new set
of skis
>that she will be able to pass on to her brother in two years?

If you can get them used & cheap, so much the better.  Skis for the toddler
set need not be much- until they're articulating more at the knees & ankles
it'll generally be pretty much a locked-leg wedge descent.  Sidecut & flex
is wasted on them.

I've got a revolving collection of skis that get passed between a dozen+ or
so nieces & nephews, mostly yard sale finds, mostly sub-$10.  Once they
develop some skills (by ages 6-10) either their parents or I upgrade them
into something decent and new.  But before age 10 it's hard to find a ski
that will span 2 seasons successfully.

>My family consists of 2 kids now but hopefully will include 2 more in the
>Will I be upgrading continuously as her skill level increases or as ski
technology changes?
>I have no problem skiing on 6 year old skis but would it be beneficial for
the kids to
>have more modern equipment?  Any thoughts and advice is greatly

Upgrades after they've been skiing a few years will be more a function of
weight than skill.  Shaped skis that snug up under their chin, or
straighter-tech skis that hit their nose- forehead is a good rule of thumb.
If they're a warp-9 bomber and can do it under control a shaped ski that's a
tall as them or a straighter ski a couple inches taller will work- but don't
make them so long that they're _forced_ to ski too fast in order to bend

Benefits of shaped skis vary- kid's in terminal wedges may not be able to
use the sidecut effectively, on the other hand it's sometimes the tool that
transforms a timid snowplower into a carving maniac.  It doesn't hurt, but
it doesn't necessarily help the first few seasons of fewer than 10 days on


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