err.. Vermont.

This was in today's Rutland Herald.  Home Depot
aka "Home Cheapo" wants to build a store in Rutland
at the site of the abandoned shopping mall on
Route 4.  They have received their Act 250 permit
which should have been a no-brainer since there was
already an eyesore closed shopping mall on the site.
Two groups have appealed the Act 250 permit in the
last week.  Near as I can tell, the only people harmed
by this store going in are the half-dozen overpriced
lumber yards and hardware stores within 15 miles of
Rutland.  It's not like the closed Taco Bell across
the street, the half dozen gas stations or the McDonalds
just down the road constitute a national scenic area.

Sorry for the rant.  I'm a big proponent of preserving
green space but this is over the top.


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