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>Maybee you are not like me but shorter skis just don't stick landings as
>well, the only thing I'll drop to mid-170 is on TwinTips.

Shorty skis are "form enforcers" for hucking, but for spins you can get a
lot more rotation out of them. (Anything over 360 on 200cm+ skis takes mondo
hang time to pull off.) If you practice on short skis you'll be a lot
cleaner when it counts.

>Morrison only the 193s and 204s had the titanium plate built inside the ski
>for extra stiffness, 188 or below made just like any other ski.  But that
>my own opinion.

You sure about that?  My understanding has been that all except the 204 had
a single-layer titanal aluminum layer (ain't no such thing as a titanium
plate in a ski- too stiff, too brittle. There has been titanium mesh used
for torsional stiffening in some skis lately, but not in any K2s that I know
about.) It adds fairly little longitudinal stiffness to the ski, but
torsionally stiffens it quite a bit.  The 204 had 2 titanal layers separated
by a rubbery lamination, which made it damper, heavier, and torsionally
stiffer.  It's a helluva ski fer sher!  It'd be fun to have a pair in the
quiver, but I doubt I'd put many miles on them- hard to find a venue in New
England where they'd be put to best use!

I'm not sure why they marketed the Mo as a hucking ski, given it's
construction, as it's pretty easy to bend them permanently with a bad
landing. It's built like a fat race ski (Skip's moles seem to think it was
based on a race-room GS design- a credible story.) I suspect they dropped it
from the line 'cuz it was too expensive replacing so many under warranty.
The X-15 has identical dimensions, but no aluminum layer, probably harder to
destroy.  But it's great cruiser in any conditions.

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