You might try creating a mailing label report using one of Approach's
templates, which can then be customized.  You don't have to print these on
labels, and the layout should approximate what you're trying to achieve.
With a mailing label report you can specify how many "labels" fit across
and down each page, and also adjust how much space you have around each
cluster of fields.

What can be tricky is choosing the label template that most closely matches
your selection of fields.  You can always start with more fields/lines than
you need and then delete the extraneous formatting in design mode (with
"show data" unchecked under view).  That is generally easier than creating
a format from scratch, which can be a headache.  Good luck!

Darcy Coates, Museum Registrar, Fleming Museum
ext. 6-0163

At 10:52 AM 9/12/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>It's been so quiet - I thought I'd ask a question. This probably has a
>simple solution but I can't find it : ). I am trying to pull up names and
>addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses into one, two-columned
>address list. I have tried using the report form but it spreads it out
>horizontally. I have tried using the letter form, but I can't find how to
>stop page breaks so they all print consecutively onto one or two pages.
>I have done this easily in Wordperfect using Mailmerge. I can't believe
>there's not some simple way to create a customized list in Approach. I want
>it to appear as below:
>Mr. John Smith
>123 Main Street
>Essex, VT  05452
>Ms. Jane Smith
>123 Denver Ave.
>Burlington, VT 05401
>But to have two columns of these addresses. Am I clear enough for you to
>get what I need? Help ASAP much appreciated.
>Cyndi Snyder
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>School Research Office,                 NEW FAX (802) 656-2702
>429 Waterman, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160