Hey everyone,

Sorry I clearly approached my interest in CSSA the wrong way.  I thought
Penny would know if anything was being planned, so I asked her.  She is in
the process of getting labels of all CS majors (Arts and Sciences as well
as Engineering).  Whether you want to use them for the picnic or some
future mailing, I'm sure they'll be useful.

Anyway, I have some ideas about getting people to know each other, which
will hopefully attract some of the new folks on campus and keep them
interested in making CSSA bigger and better.  It seems with the growing
mass of CS majors, we could really do something.  (I'm not exactly sure
what that "something" is, but we could do it!)

I have a background in Ropes Course facilitation, and would be psyched to
plan some activities focused around helping people get to know each other,
breaking that awkward bubble that keeps us all at a distance.  I would
like to see these activities progress to a brainstorm session of everyone
sharing what they would like the CSSA to be, what activities they would
like to attend, etc.

I'm clearly out of the loop as far as history of the CSSA is concerned,
and everyone tells me "don't you know these CS students are all 'geeks'
who don't want to talk to each other?"  I guess I'm still naive, and don't
want to buy into that stereotype.

So, if you would like to take advantage of my offer, and my
"absurd" energy and belief that CSSA students are people who need and want
contact with other people, let me know.  I still plan to meet with Bob
today to plan some activities, just in case they could be useful.

Joy  :)