Hi everyone,

    Your diligent officers (except Vitaliy who doesn't check his
email) have met and worked out a tentative schedule for the semester.  I
will see what I can do to get the whole thing posted, but in the meantime

1) the semesters FIRST MEETING will be held TUESDAY night (tomorrow) at

in the squid room (study room on first floor of Votey) just to get
together, say hi to each other and any new members, and take stock of what
kinds of topics people are interested in for speakers.  We have tentative
speaking dates that I will turn over to Joy as our volunteer procurement
expert.  At this meeting we will also discuss what kind of "fun" events
people want to see, these don't have to be academic in nature.

2) There will be a GAME NIGHT this COMING friday at my house.

I'll need some volunteers with computers again, the game THIS time will be
half-life, next time will be diablo 2. It is a lot easier to share
machines in the killing games than it will be to do so in the more D&D
type game (which I am looking forward to as I cannot play the 3D ones) so
NEXT time I will need a lot more volunteers, but this time interested
parties should email me [log in to unmask] or post here but I'll post
an update later so either way.

3) The PICNIC is set for SATURDAY the 23RD of September, ON campus, NOT
marriot food, and Iain has promised to truck my grill up.  I will email a
general announcement to _everyone_ later, so I won't double the details

If I forgot anything I imagine Bridget, our fabulous secretary/treasurer
will be happy to add an addendum. =)

Feedback !  :)


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