Hello Everyone,

I just talked with Penni about food for the picnic, and we called
Marriott.  So, we've got food for Saturday for 35 people.  Also, I called
Facilities because we're supposed to let them know that we want to use the
space and get approval.  I'm supposed to get a call back.  Hopefully
soon.  We're operating on the assumption that we WILL get approval.

On another note ... we had talked about wanting to go to CS classes next
week to invite students to come to the picnic.  Here's a listing of all
sections of CS21, CS26 and CS100.

a.  CS21  8:00am  TR  212 Dewey  Jackie Redmond
b.  CS21  9:30am  TR  212 Dewey  Jackie Redmond
c.  CS21  12:30p  TR  367 Votey  Jackie Redmond
d.  CS21  3:30pm  TR  367 Votey  Jeanne Douglas
e.  CS21  6:30pm  T   367 Votey  Jackie Redmond (Cont. Ed.)
f.  CS26  9:30am  TR  367 Votey  Jeanne Douglas
g.  CS26  11:00a  TR  367 Votey  Jeanne Douglas
h.  CS100 3:30pm  TR  108 Lafayette  Maggie Eppstein
i.  CS100 2:00pm  TR  110 Rowell  Maggie Eppstein

Who's available to go to which classes???

I have to work in the mornings Tuesday and Thursday, but I could go to the
2:00 and 3:30 classes (d, h, and i above).  I thought it would be great if
two people went together to each class to make an announcement.

Also, we have to get permission from the instructors still.  Are people
still willing to commit to doing this???

- Joy  :)